About Me

Hi All,

This is Rashmi, with my 1st ever blog. I always wanted to write and so now it is.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Rashmi Agrawal, a proud wife and a full-time working mother of a cute little baby gal, Mahi. I always had an inclination to write, write what, was the question. Life  was busy in the 3 dimensions, Family, home and office. And I eagerly wanted a 4th dimension for myself, my own corner and what is better than writing? This blog space is my 4th dimension :).

I have nothing much to count as my passion, but I like cooking food for my family and friends, and playing with Mahi. Gone are days when I liked watching movies, certain other jobs have jumped up on the chart of priority. I can’t figure out any other thing I can add here, and my job, (BTW, I am a software engineer) data warehousing is not something, I am obsessed with, but I enjoy it on and off (off more often  😛 ).

In the enormously huge world of blogosphere, I am just budding and trying my hands by sharing my recipes, few of my own and others inspired from various sources. When I thought of writing, what could be best than food and cooking as I am fond of it and keep trying new things. This blog captures my experiences and encounters in cooking and some good food (and some kitchen blunders as well).

I never had an idea that, 4-5 hours of a day goes into cooking and it, just, is not cutting, chopping, and frying the vegetables with onions and tomatoes seasoned with some salt and turmeric. It has incredibly lot more, I realized this when I started my job in Hyderabad, away from my cozy home and unable to find a good mess, got irked with chapatis made of Maida (needless to say, hard) and same  oily kurma daily (although food served in restos of Hyderabad is usually amazing and yes, veggy too). Then this journey of cooking started over long phone conversations with mumma. Marriage gave in the knowledge that restauranting cannot happen frequently and so, gradually I developed this inclination of cooking and learning.

Lastly, I am still learning many things in this eternal world of culinary art. So, please go on, read and leave your ideas, thoughts on the food, and the compiled piece of blog.


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  1. Anonymous

     /  August 6, 2012

    You are awesome dear!

  2. “data warehousing is not something, I am obsessed with, but I enjoy it on and off (off more often 😛 ).” You are sooo me! Only difference .. I am a finance executive. But yes, i also enjoy this job more off than on. 😛
    i also realised how much goes into cooking only after I started doing it myself. Will be in touch now, Glad to know you. 🙂

    • Thanks Charul, for stopping and reading the stuff. Keep coming here and sure, we will be in touch.

  3. cookingwithsapana

     /  March 5, 2013

    Hi..I like your blog and nominated you for Very inspiring Blogger Award.Check out
    Details here http://cookingwithsapana.wordpress.com/737-2/
    Thanks! keep blogging!

  1. A CAKE-y cheers to the women power |

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