Sabudana khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

She talks too much, so much that at times, I think of finding a hiding den for me. I find it utterly difficult to answer her questions. Not because they are tricky but because, they are same and have no actual replies. I know, a few moms out there must be cursing me for saying this. But, common, I am a poor short tempered human!! I cannot be a super mom all the time. Yeah!! Now, I can see a few nods. Thanks!!

She is too talkative of her age.(Trust me, I am not praising my baby) The “mumma-mumma” song never seem to be ending. A thousand questions daily! What is this? what are you doing? questions are numerous but answers, they don’t find a way out from my mouth…becuz there are not any!! not as per her expectation. She starts babbling(which I though was a forgotten history) when she is having a fun time. I guess, we needs to be kid every next moment with them, to connect.

When it comes to food, most of you would agree that the sweat wringing task is ‘this’…feeding them…feeding them to full and feeding nutritious. Do you? Then, Fret not. At least I am there to company you. Virtually!! Smile 

This Sabudana khichdi, is loved by Mahi and good for her highly active(read busy) days. What can be better than breaking off the night long fast with sabudana khichdi? Sabudana or tapioca pearls or Sago are full of carbs, when mixed with protein rich peanuts and a dash of lemon juice, unbeatable, for the bundled energy it has, until lunch!! a power packed breakfast, a flavorful khichdi.

Tapioca Pearls

Time: 30 mins + soaking time

Serves: 2


    1 cup Sabudana / tapioca pearls/ sago 
    3 potatoes, boiled, peeled and cut into cubes
    3/4 cup peanuts, roasted, peeled and crushed. (I pulse it in mixer, this gives a portion with finely ground powder and a portion of small-big crushed peanuts)
    1 tsp. jeera
    1 tsp. freshly grounded black pepper
    1 tsp. lemon juice   
    1-2 dried red chilies
    salt to taste (replace with rock salt/sendha namak for fasting food)
    water for soaking
    2 tbsp. oil


    Rinse the tapioca with 1 water and soak in water until just covered. 2 hours soaking time is enough for small pearls, I usually do overnight as I use bigger pearls and due to time crunch in the morning.
    Lightly dry roast the peanuts. Peel them when warm between your palms (once cool down, it will be difficult to remove the covering) and pulse them in mixer once or twice to get coarsely crushed peanuts.
    Mix the crushed peanuts with the soaked tapioca and keep aside.
    Now, heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan.
    Splutter  the jeera and add red chilies.
    Roast for a while and add cubed potatoes.
    Once the potatoes turn golden brown, add the tapioca and peanuts mixture.
    Add salt and freshly crushed black pepper. Mix and cover.
    Cook for 15 mins approx., until you see all the pearls turned translucent. This is the hint that the tapioca pearls are cooked.
    Remember to keep stirring in between,gently, not to break potatoes. This ensures that khichdi will not stick to the pan and won’t be gooey.
    Once done, garnish with coriander leaves and serve with sweet curd (the mumbai style) 
    Relish!! anytime Smile.


Crushed peanuts are the key to get a non sticky khichdi. Vary the amount if you prefer.

Adding some chopped fruits is a good idea. I saw this option in a food show.

Soaking time for sago may differ, smaller the pearls, smaller the duration. Big pearls need 5-6 hours of soaking.

Sabudana Khichdi

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